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Crevice Cabinet - Acrylic Doors W350*D300*H1800mm / W350*D300*H985mm

【Small Space&Large Capacity】Small space taken but large capacity available. A reasonable partition helps you make the most of the space and store different items. The acrylic board on the door can facilitate you to distinguish where the items are placed by its excellent light transmittance performance, making the storage more clear at a glance.
【Thoughtful Design】Our metal cabinets are designed with smooth-surface handle and adjustable layer board. Magnetic door stopper brings you a better switching experience and keep dust away.
【Strong & Sturdy】The metal storage cabinet is made of high-quality steel, strong and durable with reinforced steel leg to guarantee cabinet hard to fall, and can also be decorated with magnets to place notes or photos. The surface of the cabinet body is specially treated, so it is not easy to rust, and it will not be easily scratched.
【Wide applicability】Our steel storage uses light luxury style design, suitable for most scenes. It can be placed in balcony,kitchen,living room,bathrrom rooms, offices, garages, doorways, schools, gyms, shops and other places where it is needed. Flexible combination could create better furniture decoration effect
【Eco-Friendly】Electrostatic powder spraying adopted,environmentally friendly without peculiar smell and methyl aldehyde.
【Elegant Appearance】Cabinets with high level of appearance and various color option available,showing your more personalized furniture concept
【Easy to install】Our metal cabinets come with easy-to-understand assembly instructions, so cabinet assembly is very simple and quick. The assembled cabinet structure is very stable and the appearance is also very beautiful. In addition, the back of the cabinet has pre-punched holes for you to fix it on the wall to prevent it from tipping over.
  • JFSR350-2Y

  • YD

  • JFSR350-2Y


夹缝柜-产品细节长图(2)Beautiful and practical, the lovely cabinet of your dreams!


1.The elegant appearance of light luxuryl design is suitable for most places.


2.small space with large capacity to meet your storage needs.

体积小 容量到

3. The cabinet body adopts metal structure and good quality steel, which is sturdy and durable.


4.The surface is specially treated and it is not easy to rust,scratched nor fall .


5. Magnetic door stopper design gives you better switching experience .


6. The acrylic board on the door is convenient for classification, arrangement and memory.


7. The cabinet can be equipped with smooth-surface handle,easy to use .


8.Adjustable layer boards, suitable for different need.


9.Pre-punched holes are convenient to fix the cabinet on the wall.

背面打孔 安装简便

10.Electrostatic powder spraying  are adopted,our cabinets are environmentally friendly without peculiar smell and methyl aldehyde



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