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Production Process

Yadan insists on adopting the premium cold-rolled steel plates e.g. SPCC with the thickness between 0.5mm-1.0mm to guarantee the quality and durability of final products. Furthermore, Yadan put great emphasis on technical development and put lots of investments on manufacturing facilities. Each of the production procedure experienced 30 year tests which has achieved Yadan’s scientific and modern manufacturing methods.

  • Cutting
    • 15 regular cutting machines

  • Laser Cutting
    • 5 sophisticated laser cutting Machine

  • Punching
    • 36 automatic punching machines
      4 CNC Punching Machine

  • Bending
    • 24 Bending Machines

  • Molding
    • 8 full-automatic molding machine

  • Spot Welding
    • 18 carbon dioxide gas arc welding machines
      10 high precision spot welders
      5 robot welding arms

  • Polishing
    • 15 polishing machines

  • Spraying & Coating
    • All the furniture parts will firstly go through
      -9-position tunnel’s pre-processing
      5.Surface adjustment
      6.Phosphate process
      9.Hot washing

      And then those furniture parts are ready to go into

  • Spraying &Coating Process
    • During the process, those parts with go through following rooms:
      1.Dryer room
      2.Spraying room
      3.Solidification room
      After one-by-one quality check, the good ones are delivered to installation and packing area while unqualifies ones will take remedies or scrapped directly.

  • Packing
    • After quality check, all qualified components and parts will be packed with EPE foam inside and carton box outside which is printed of detailed information, also corner protection, protective edging and inside bubble plastic lining are optional as client’s requirements. Then the packing team will seal the carton box through packing machine to ensure the products are packed tightly.

  • Loading
    • The packed products will be transferred on conveyor belt or go down by the elevator to the container. Under the supervision of inspector, the products will be removed gently and arranged closely in the container to avoid marks caused during the transportation in all likelihood.