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05/ 31/ 2023
From Sourcing to Packing: Our Comprehensive Quality Control Process for Steel Furniture

As a steel furniture maker, we understand the importance of quality control. At Shanghai Yadan Office Furniture Co., Ltd, we have implemented strict quality control measures to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Quality control means to have the best quality for the furniture we produce. This starts with the selection of materials. We choose Q195 cold-rolled steel sheet.

09/ 18/ 2023
Had Our Journey at the World of Furniture Design – the 28th China International Furniture Fair

The 28th China International Furniture Fair, one of the largest events in the furniture industry, kicked off on Sep. 11 and we Yadan Steel Furniture (represented by Luoyang Light Group, our parent company) had the pleasure of exhibiting there. We were excited to display many of our newest and best products, including multiple specifications of office cabinets, office desks and a loft bed, all made of steel in great designs, to visitors all over the world.

09/ 07/ 2023
Yadan Steel Furniture to Exhibit at the 28th China International Furniture Fair

We Yadan Steel Furniture, a leading steel furniture manufacturer and exporter, is excited to announce our participation in the 28th China International Furniture Fair. The fair will be held from September 11-15 in Shanghai, and we welcome all visitors to come see us at our booth.

08/ 18/ 2023
The Versatility of Steel in Furniture Design

Some people might have the impression that steel furniture is boring and lacks design, but in fact the opposite, when it comes to furniture design, there are few materials as versatile as steel. Unlike wood, which can be difficult to shape and mold into complex designs, steel can be bent, punched, and molded into a wide variety of shapes and styles.

08/ 14/ 2023
7 Unique Pieces, Endless Possibilities: The RAK Shelf Table Collection for Every Room

Life is full of different roles and scenarios, and we need versatile and adaptable solutions to meet them. Our RAK Shelf Table collection offers just that. With the unique and beautiful texture of steel and strong structure, this diverse surface series, from a nightstand in bedroom to a shoe rack in entryway, is an excellent choice for families.

08/ 07/ 2023
Revolutionize Your Work-from-Home Experience with Yadan's EDRIC Home Office Series

In today's turbulent times, working from home has become the new normal. And it comes with its own set of challenges. How to better balance personal and professional lives? Sometimes the answer is simple - to create a space that can stimulate your creativity and keep you motivated. This is the original intention behind our EDRIC home office series.

07/ 31/ 2023
Breaking the Stereotype: Steel Furniture Can Be Elegant Too

Steel and wood are two of the most common materials used to make furniture. While wood is often associated with warmth and elegance, steel is known for its strength and durability. Wood has a natural beauty and unique texture, while steel can be molded into various shapes and designs. However, despi

07/ 19/ 2023
Modular Design and Versatility: Introducing Our Cubic Grids Storage Cabinet

As our lives get busier and more cluttered, it's becoming increasingly important to have storage solutions that are both functional and flexible. Modular design has emerged as a popular solution to this problem, allowing users to customize their storage furniture to suit their individual needs. At the heart of this trend is a philosophy of simplicity and versatility, which is embodied in our steel cubic grids storage cabinet.