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Quality Control

Quality is the priority for Yadan throughout 35 years. Yadan has passed ISO9001 quality management system and strictly execute the ISO management system in daily work. In addition to persistence on premium raw material and advanced facilities, the company also build scientific QC system


· All operative will be instructed and monitored by supervisor in each process.


quality control steel furniture


· Sub-standard components will be located in a special area and judged by the supervisor to rework or abandon.


· Each component must be visually checked before it is packed. Any component with dents, paintwork imperfections, scratches or any other deformities must not packed.


quality control steel furniture


· Once all the components checked by supervisor, the products can be packed and pass to loading area.


And we know that quality control is not just to check the product at the end - quality problems may arise in every link of the production line, so we strictly monitor the process in every step.


quality control steel furniture