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EDRIC Home Office Series

As the world becomes increasingly turbulent, more and more people are finding themselves working from home. That's why we've created a range of home office themes to help you create a comfortable and effective home office.

[JSESSI Sanctum]

The JSESSI Sanctum theme includes a range of desks, cube storage cabinets, and a nightstand, all designed to help you create a tidy and organized study room. The desks come in various textures and colors with thin drawers, and the cube storage cabinets have a modular design for easy organization.

[Martha Series]

With the Martha Series theme, we've focused on creating ample storage for files and books, so you can easily move your office home. Desks have selectable surface textures, or baffles at back to help organize things and reduce clutter. It also includes two types of very spacious tall cabinets. The Martha Series is very versatile – with the chest of drawers and TV stand, you can create a comfortable office in your bedroom or living room.

[ABE Space]

The ABE Space theme is perfect for those who don't have much space but still want an effective and compact home office. The desks with no-barrier drawer facilitate taking and putting, and the shelving cabinets come in different heights and tiers – their upper racks and the bottom cabinet are detachable, offering nice flexibility.
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EDRIC Home Office Series

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