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Sideboard Buffet Table-Yadan IES – X series

Size: W600*D370*H960mm
Color: White
  • IES – X-1
  • YDD

A core part of our steel fabrication portfolio, Yadan has an extensive history with steel cabinets.  From early in our story as a company, we have supplied steel furniture items for homeuse and commercial market.With many successful cased provded We have been providing top lever OEM/ODM solution for customers .Based on the engineering, project management and fabrication skills to deliver the very best, Yadan is your best choice for steel furiniture.

Yadan IES-X series from yana_00

Yadan IES-X series from yana_12

Yadan IES-X series from yana_07

Yadan IES-X series from yana_10





内置一块可以调节高度的隔板, 您可以按照物品的不同高度调整位置。