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Two Doors Steel Cupboard|YD-N-CB1

Suited to these markets:
  • office furniture
For the following applications:
  • Home Office Furniture
  • Open Workspace
  • Private Office

Overall Dimension:
  • W900*D400*H1850

Customization range:
  • RAL color & Phantom color
  • Size customizable
  • etc
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  • YD-N-CB1


A core part of our steel fabrication portfolio, Yadan has an extensive history with steel cabinets.  From early in our story as a company, we have supplied steel furniture items for homeuse and commercial market.With many successful cased provded We have been providing top lever OEM/ODM solution for customers .Based on the engineering, project management and fabrication skills to deliver the very best, Yadan is your best choice for steel furiniture.

  • Cold Rolled Steel:Using high quality cold-rolled steel,keeping the cabinet study and durable,free

      from insect and mold with good anti-corrosion performance.

  • ECO-Friendly Spray:Careful pre-treatment and electrostatic environmental protection spraying process to guarantee strong adhesion of powder coating and smooth surface&durable color.

  • Adjustable Panel:Cabinet inner panels are with height adjustable according to user preference.

  • Reinforcement Design:Reinforcement design under each panel greatly enhanced load-bearing capacity.

  • High Quality Accessories:Every piece of top quality accessory such as locks,handles are well prepared.

  • Elegant Appearance and Classic Style:Smooth and Durable adds more beauty to your office.

Model No.: YD-B1

Dimension: W900*D400*1850mm

Model No.: YD-B1A

Dimension: W900*D450*1850mm

Description: Classic steel cupboard design with 2 swing doors, perfectly for books, documents, tools and personal items storage.

Material: Recyclable cold roll steel

Door: Hinged

Shelf: Adjustable shelf boards

No. of Shelf: 4

Shelf load allowance: 35 KG conservatively

Key lock: Compact shelving lock with 2 fixed keys, folding keys and master key are available.

Powder Coated: Non-toxic zero-emissions powder with electrostatic spray after 9 steps of surface treatment.

Further information: Supplied unassembled.

Optional: Customized colours and patterns upon request at extra cost.

OEM/ODM: Free design available.

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