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Where is the health furniture outlet? Steel furniture innovation road

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-23      Origin: Site


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What is steel furniture?

The so-called steel furniture is actually considered iron furniture in the traditional sense. Specialized point said, is to use cold rolled steel to produce furniture. Steel furniture has unique advantages over traditional wood furniture. Secondly, the material thickness of steel furniture is usually only a few tenths of a millimeter, compared with the same size furniture, it will have a larger capacity. In addition, compared with traditional wood furniture in material, steel furniture will be stronger and more durable. It also has some characteristics, such as moisture and insect control than wood home has a certain natural advantage.


Why did Yadan choose steel furniture?

Yadan has been engaged in steel furniture industry for 40 years, although the proportion of steel furniture in the overall furniture industry is very low due to technical limitations. With the rapid development of technology in recent years, it is now entirely possible to make more quality products to fill the gap.

From materials to styling, multiple rounds of technical improvement make products better

When the product meets the transformation, I have to improve my product round after round. Sheet metal industry and wood furniture processing have their own particularity because of the development of the Chinese equipment processing industry in the past two years, you can have more and more advanced equipment, in order to complete some problems that can not be solved before, especially in the degree of refinement of furniture steel furniture will be more delicate than before. And, because of the development of the design in the past two years, has completely got rid of the traditional impression of cold, black and white gray tone, making steel furniture more suitable for our household needs.

At present, steel furniture in the office furniture market share is relatively high, but in the civil aspect is still low. Given the widespread consumer bias against steel furniture, the fact is that these concerns can now be completely avoided by softer designs and richer colors. Yang Tingrui thinks that steel furniture is more of a choice for consumers, especially in some special scenes, because of the material characteristics of wooden furniture can not solve some problems, steel furniture can be used as a complementary product to solve the problems.


How do you keep your head in position? Make connotation, tree brand

Competition is fierce in this industry. It has been 40 years since Yadan started its business. In addition to continuous cultivation, it is also constantly innovating and advancing with The Times. ,

Because the manufacturing cycle is relatively long, there are many categories of products. For industrial products, most of the target customers are mainly professionals or downstream enterprises, who have a better understanding of the product and have a rational judgment on the quality of the product. Consumer goods, on the other hand, face the final consumer directly, so the cognition of the product may be less rational and more emotional.

In the past, a manufacturing enterprise may only do some upstream products, but now it needs to slowly start to extend its value chain, or build its own brand. This is when the connotation of the brand comes out. It is not only to improve the quality and cost of products, but also to tell consumers what the social value of my products is. Just like the idea of formaldehyde free and more environmental protection advocated by Wright cabinet industry, it brings more safety to consumers.


In the process of brand building in manufacturing industry, more is to build the connotation of the brand. Enterprises need to work hard on quality, price, delivery time, corporate culture, social value, so that consumers can better experience the product, so that consumers and the concept of the enterprise resonate. If you want to build up a brand with excellent connotations, the process should be relatively long.

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