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Why has steel office furniture become mainstream?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-28      Origin: Site


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Why has steel office furniture become mainstream

First from the material analysis, steel furniture is pressed by cold rolled steel plate, the surface has been through electric galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, rust removal, phosphating, curing, powder electrostatic spraying and other processing technology, so steel furniture products have high hardness and strong color, very strong and durable, furniture is not easy to cause external paint or surface depression and other common problems. The combination of this process and the characteristics of the plate makes the steel office furniture often new, long service life, greatly reduce the office supplies budget, save a lot of costs.


Steel furniture series is a general light, simple, economic mobile storage equipment, so in the design of simple, thin, fashionable atmosphere, but also according to the needs of personalized design, so greatly meet the aesthetic needs of the new generation of consumers for products and pragmatism. Space saving is one of the main features of steel office furniture. The external steel office furniture, such as various filing cabinets, has the types of masking door, sliding door and rolling door. The internal storage space is large and large, and the adjustable design of the laminate can meet the requirements of different types of file storage.


Steel office furniture can become the industry development trend of another layer of advantage is convenient and environmental protection, the above steel furniture is light, simple, economic office equipment, there are a lot of reasons because steel furniture is disassembled structure, easy to disassemble and install, more convenient transportation, transportation cost is also lower, when changing the office environment is very convenient. The steel plate material, in the production process will not produce harmful gases that are not conducive to health, the use of steel office furniture will also reduce the destruction of forests and trees, more in line with the national development and modern environmental protection concept.

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