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Yadan bookcase can hold more than books

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-24      Origin: Site Inquire

YADAN BOOKCASE  Explore the unlimited value of home

At Yadan,a piece of furniture can have many functions and uses

This bookcase is such

In addition to the basic function of storing books

It also plays different roles and functions throughout the family

Yadan bookcase has a variety of height, width to choose,

 you can store content type and space according to, adjust clapboard height easily, 

still have a door and do not have a door design to match for you at the same time, 

satisfy all sorts of styles and demand

About the bookcase

◎SPCC high-quality cold-rolled steel

◎Environmental-friendly and durable powder coating

◎30kg load capacity per shelf

◎Frameless modern style with stable structure


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