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Yadan Steel Furniture to Exhibit at the 28th China International Furniture Fair

We Yadan Steel Furniture, a leading steel furniture manufacturer and exporter, is excited to announce our participation in the 28th China International Furniture Fair. The fair will be held from September 11-15 in Shanghai, and we welcome all visitors to come see us at our booth.

Modular Design and Versatility: Introducing Our Cubic Grids Storage Cabinet

As our lives get busier and more cluttered, it's becoming increasingly important to have storage solutions that are both functional and flexible. Modular design has emerged as a popular solution to this problem, allowing users to customize their storage furniture to suit their individual needs. At the heart of this trend is a philosophy of simplicity and versatility, which is embodied in our steel cubic grids storage cabinet.

Powder Coating in Furniture Manufacturing: A Case Study with Yadan Steel Furniture

If you follow us often, you will know that we are constantly mentioning that at Yadan Steel Furniture, we stick our core values on environmental protection and sustainability. So on what grounds do we have the audacity to assert that our products are environmentally friendly and healthy? The answer lies in the processing procedures. One of our key processes is the electrostatic powder spraying for coating. Today we will talk to you about this process.

Bookcase Material Selection: Steel or Wood - Episode 2

Continuing with the topic of the material of bookcase. Material of an object is fundamental to determine its nature, so if you have the need to buy a bookcase, the material is a subject worthy of your study. Steel? Wooden? Aluminum? Synthetical? Which is the best material for your bookcase? In the previous article: Need a Bookcase? The Material Matters: a Guide on How to Choose Between Wood and Steel, we at Yadan Steel Furniture have introduced to you that materials used to build bookcases mainly include metal and wood, and among metals, steel is the most common one. We've explored the advantages of steel bookcases over wooden ones, including healthier, moisture-resistant, longer-lasting, sturdier, and more. But that's not all. We have more to say in response to some of the questions you may have. In the last article, we seemed to be overwhelmingly leaning towards the steel side. We want to prove that this is not