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Revolutionize Your Work-from-Home Experience with Yadan's EDRIC Home Office Series

In today's turbulent times, working from home has become the new normal. And it comes with its own set of challenges. How to better balance personal and professional lives? Sometimes the answer is simple - to create a space that can stimulate your creativity and keep you motivated. This is the original intention behind our EDRIC home office series.

Bookcase Material Selection: Steel or Wood - Episode 2

Continuing with the topic of the material of bookcase. Material of an object is fundamental to determine its nature, so if you have the need to buy a bookcase, the material is a subject worthy of your study. Steel? Wooden? Aluminum? Synthetical? Which is the best material for your bookcase? In the previous article: Need a Bookcase? The Material Matters: a Guide on How to Choose Between Wood and Steel, we at Yadan Steel Furniture have introduced to you that materials used to build bookcases mainly include metal and wood, and among metals, steel is the most common one. We've explored the advantages of steel bookcases over wooden ones, including healthier, moisture-resistant, longer-lasting, sturdier, and more. But that's not all. We have more to say in response to some of the questions you may have. In the last article, we seemed to be overwhelmingly leaning towards the steel side. We want to prove that this is not