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New Arrival:Executive office Private office

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-23      Origin: Site


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Executive office   Private office

What we offer you:

Two type of office space , one is administrative style and the other one is personalized style.

Based on Four colors and six different optional room type and size.

A variety of setting combinations are designed to meet your different needs of preferential styles and space usage planning.

Executive  Office    Balance in leadership

Efficient administrative office is a place that can provide sufficient storage space, meetings, negotiations and communication.

The design of administrative space combination configuration can effectively balance the focus and cooperation in work.

With the colors of four seasons, it provides you with three office environments with different sizes and functional design, and furniture placement reference.

Office table      Side Cabinet         Tea cabinet       file cabinet             Clothes Cabinet


Private Office      Focus and teamwork

Smart enclosed working and collaboration space supports focus work,impromptu and small group meetings or one-on-one private conversations.The office 

provides managers and supervisors with an effective space for mentoring and team collaboration to promote a culture of continuous learning

Three options of different sizes and functions ,  for your reference regarding office furniture placement.

Office desk        Side Cabinet    Medium-height filing cabinet          High filing cabinet      Clothes Cabinet

1. The Classic Office

The whole row of high back cabinet combination with simple desk provides enough storage space to improve the utilization of office space.

The sense of wood grain with the  alternative color choice between  blackandwhite  adapts to the choice of different management styles.


2. The Progressive Office

Smaller, lighter scale components combine to deliver a progressive aesthetic ata lower price point.


3.The Efficient Office

With the ingenious combination of desk, filing cabinet and side cabinet, Efficient office spaceis pared down to the essentials.


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