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Sustainability Plays Crucial Role in Furniture Industry, and Here’s How Steelmade Furniture Can Excel at This

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-31      Origin: Site


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Steel is a very popular raw material, it is strong, durable, and very cost-saving. It is also easy to process and produce. Furniture is needed by everyone. It is not only an object to store items or a tool for you to rest, but good furniture can provide power for people's spirit and make them enjoy a better life. Steel is a very sustainable material as it is renewable and nontoxic. Nowadays, to participate in green initiatives is crucial for any company that wants to succeed. Customers around the world are beginning to demand sustainable products in all fields, and furniture customers are no exception. That’s why sustainable furniture, whether for office or home use, has become a hot item.

steel cabinet sets

Benefits of steel as a sustainable material

As a furniture material, steel has a lot of benefits for the environment. It can be recycled after its service life, avoiding unnecessary waste to the environment. It has a long lifecycle thus a long renewal cycle, and this objectively reduces the generation of any waste. Also, steel does not waste a lot of natural energy; the energy efficiency during steel production is quite high. Only a certain amount of electricity, fuel oil or coal are used to make steel. Although some gases are emitted, many of the emissions can be recycled, and environmentally friendly technologies are increasingly used to reduce waste emissions in the steelmaking process.

Furniture and nature

Compared with wooden furniture, steel furniture does not require the harvest of trees. In contrast to plastic and synthetic board furniture, steel furniture does not require the addition of potentially harmful chemicals. Steel furniture is also healthier to human body than its aluminum counterpart.

Examples of steel furniture

Here as the pictures show, are some great examples as how steel can make perfect furniture. They are products from our company. As you can see, they all have practical usage value and great aesthetics for providing a modern, minimalistic feel.

steel cabinets

The design of steel furniture is obviously environmentally friendly. In addition to that they are harmless to the environment and can be used for a long time, which we already talked above, some of our special designs and practices also make them more environmentally friendly.

We use modular design for many of our products, like this modular storage cabinet here. This allows for easy disassembly and reassembly, making it easier to repair and reuse, thus extending the lifespan of the furniture and reduce waste. Many of our products are also multi-functional, and this can help reduce the need for additional pieces of furniture, which in turn reduces consumption and waste. And similarly, the minimalist design can also reduce the amount of materials needed to create a piece of furniture, as well as the energy required for production and transportation.

modular storage steel cabinets

We at Shanghai Yadan Office Furniture have been dedicated to green production since we were established. We attach great importance to environment sustainability both during the production process and at the finished end. Our dust and powder emission in the cutting, stamping and welding processes meets the national approval standards, for which we hold relevant certificates. At the finished product end, our steel furniture has passed strict quality inspection to ensure that it is harmless to human body and the environment. 

Challenges and limitations

Steel as a furniture material also has some problems and challenges in terms of sustainability. The process of producing steel, for example, still inevitably uses some natural resources and produces some waste gas. But many new technologies are increasingly being applied to the industry. More sustainable energy, such as wind power and electricity, is increasingly used in production. New technologies have also been used to reduced emissions, particularly through the control of the source. For example, the use of fine desulfurization for furnace gas emissions, as well as low-nitrogen burning techniques in steel making and rolling processes.

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