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From Sourcing to Packing: Our Comprehensive Quality Control Process for Steel Furniture

As a steel furniture maker, we understand the importance of quality control. At Shanghai Yadan Office Furniture Co., Ltd, we have implemented strict quality control measures to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Quality control means to have the best quality for the furniture we produce. This starts with the selection of materials. We choose Q195 cold-rolled steel sheet.

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Need a Bookcase? The Material Matters: a Guide on How to Choose Between Wood and Steel

Too many toys and books to put away as your children are starting to grow up? Or just looking to add a bit taste or practical storage to your space? Then you need a bookcase. Many different materials can be used to make furniture, but wood and metal are two of the most mainstream. And among all the metals, steel is the most common. Which one should you choose? As a furniture company with 30 years of experience, we can give you some insights.

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Find Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Our Steel Bookcase Collection

Our double-door floor-standing steel bookcase collection @ Yadan Steel Furniture is one of the most demanded. We have been considerate toward different groups of people situated at different environments thus varying needs, and that's why we provide a range of specifications in this collection.

Children's Day and We Mean It!

Today is International Children's Day, which is celebrated in many countries around the world for the health and happiness of children. The festival's origin can be traced back to 1925, when representatives from many different countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, for an international conference on the welfare of children.