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The definition of steel furniture and its position in the furniture industry

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-27      Origin: Site


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The definition of steel furniture and its position in the furniture industry

Steel furniture is made of cold-rolled steel plate and plastic powder as the main raw material, with locks, rails, handles and other parts, through cutting, punching, folding, welding, pretreatment, spray, parts assembly and other processes, the furniture made of steel furniture is collectively referred to as steel furniture. According to the combination of cold rolled steel plate and different materials, it can be divided into steel wood furniture, steel plastic furniture, steel glass furniture, etc. According to the different uses of furniture, it can be divided into steel office furniture, steel civil furniture and so on. The main varieties have a few categories: safe, safekeeping, such as insurance class series, filing cabinets, data, locker, goods ark, confidential ark cabinet series, shelves, shelves, shelves and other class series, double bed, single bed, apartment bed series, such as bed like, study desk, computer desk, chairs and other office furniture series, school desks and chairs, and even getting used furniture series.

Steel furniture instead of most wooden furniture is an irreversible trend of The Times. This is because wooden furniture consumes a lot of forest resources, causing damage to the natural environment. As people environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, many countries ban or restrict the cutting of forests, as the main raw materials of wooden furniture is more and more scarce, forcing people to strengthen the research of lumber utilization rate of raw materials, the original short of abandoned wood, wood chips, wood residue through a variety of chemical adhesive made of new wood raw material, but it also increased the people concern about whether the environmental protection, In particular, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers use chemical adhesives that are not in line with environmental protection, which cause damage to people's respiratory system and do not conform to the concept of people's pursuit of healthy life. Because of the widespread lack of credit in the domestic market, people have reason to worry about the environmental protection of wooden furniture. And because steel furniture manufacturing process of gradually mature, has entered the industrialization era, the utilization of the numerical control equipment, more make steel furniture manufacturing error reach millimeter or micron grade, at the same time, keep the characteristic of raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless, makes the product has the characteristics of green environmental protection, in thousands of years is given priority to with wooden furniture in the furniture industry boom, It has a very broad market potential.

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