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new arrival:Steel Metal School Dormitory Furniture Steel Frame Bunk Metal Beds

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-14      Origin: Site


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"Yayichuang" college student apartment bed design concept

"People-oriented" + "Pain point Transformation" + "Reasonable Planning"

01 "people-oriented" design concept

Students as the main object, adhere to the "people-oriented" design principle. In the design from the perspective of students' life, give full consideration to the material and spiritual needs of students, so that students' small home is safe, warm, comfortable, unique style

02 Design concept of "pain point forwarding

From the perspective of user experience, the main problems of student apartment bed products are as follows: 1. Insufficient storage space and unreasonable layout; 2. Crowded activity space; 4. Insufficient safety and environmental protection design elements

The design concept of "reasonable planning"

The furniture design in the collective living space is mainly realized on the basis of meeting the functional needs of the residents, so that the space has the most basic purpose of safety, rationality and comfort.

First of all, the design of individual indoor space should meet the human scale and activity rules of residents. For example, in the limited space of the dormitory, to provide life, study, leisure and other needs; Secondly, each functional area should be organically combined to form a comfortable and efficient streamline, so as to achieve the effect of improving the organizational space. Then, in order to make the indoor safe and reasonable requirements, it is necessary to carry out detailed and effective analysis of indoor ventilation, lighting, sound, heat, electricity and other physical environment, to provide protection for space design; Finally, on the basis of satisfying basic functions, the spiritual realm of space design is improved to meet the needs of residents in terms of spiritual functions. Here can be understood from the three aspects of space beauty, space character, space artistic conception, space beauty, we should pay attention to the grasp of space characteristics, through the appropriate treatment of space size, proportion, organization.

"Elegant Art Creation" -- C Series (Chinoiserie)

Innovation in inheritance, new Chinese style is not a pure accumulation of traditional elements, but through the understanding of traditional culture, the combination of modern elements and traditional elements, with the aesthetic needs of modern people to create things full of traditional charm, so that traditional art in today's society can be properly reflected.

Chinese style is through the characteristics of Chinese style, to express the pursuit of elegant, subtle, dignified and rich, Oriental spiritual realm, the pursuit of a self-cultivation of life realm.

From elegant indigo green to deep vermilion red, the square inch is full of artistic conception. The mellow aroma of tea, the profound book and the deep ink make the taste more mellow and the mood more relieved.

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