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Need a Bookcase? The Material Matters: a Guide on How to Choose Between Wood and Steel

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-17      Origin: Site


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Too many toys and books to put away as your children are starting to grow up? Being a figurine collector and your pieces are growing wildly? Or just looking to add a bit taste or practical storage to your space? Then you need a bookcase. Many different materials can be used to make furniture, but wood and metal are two of the most mainstream. And among all the metals, steel is the most common.

wood bookcase steel bookcase Yandan Steel Furniture

Which one should you choose? As a furniture company with 30 years of experience, we can give you some insights. But before that, we would like to impress you visually. Here's an example of one of our products:

wood bookcase steel bookcase Yandan Steel Furniture

Click the link to check the product in detail: Double-Door Floor-Standing Hinged Steel Bookcase

OK, let’s jump into the comparison.

1. About environment and human health

Steel bookcases hardly contain any volatile harmful substances, while wooden furniture needs to be painted on the surface, which will cause harmful substances such as formaldehyde to diffuse into the environment.

You might be curious by asking: wait, do steel bookcases not need to be painted? No, they really don't. They use a technique called powder coating, which works by spraying electrostatically charged powder onto the surface of the furniture and is considered as more environmentally friendly. That's because it does not contain solvents or volatile compounds that can be harmful to the environment and human health.

This is the environment testing result from one of our products. You can clearly see that harmful compositions like Volatile Organic Compounds and formaldehyde are undetectable:

wood bookcase steel bookcase Yandan Steel Furniture

Wood furniture on the other hand, often uses traditional wet paint to treat the surface. They usually contain harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium, and formaldehyde. Yes, technologies are developing, and some wooden furniture can also be environmentally friendly and healthy, but it is only those minimally processed and organic wood types that can make it. And the price of such furniture will be 2 to 3 times that of steel furniture.

2. About moisture impact

Steel does not absorb moisture thus no changes in characteristics, and with the surface treated by powder coating, it is well protected and neither susceptible to rust. Wooden furniture on the other hand is prone to damp and mildew. And it is also more likely to get contaminated by dirt or microorganism after ingesting water. And once getting dirty it is harder to clean, as dirty things will be hidden deep or embedded in the texture gaps.

wood bookcase steel bookcase Yandan Steel Furniture

3. Life cycle

The average lifespan of steel furniture is around 20-30 years, according to the Steel Recycling Institute, while the service life of wooden furniture can vary widely depending on the type of wood. Some hardwood species are really durable and can last for decades or even centuries, but like said above, they are expensive. As for most ordinary wood types, they have a lifespan of around 10-15 years.

And "lifecycle" is not just about how long they can be used. It involves the “after life” of the furniture. Steel is a highly recyclable material, while wooden furniture typically ends up in landfills.

For us at Yadan Steel Furniture, we make our bookcases last a long time by putting in what we produce skilled workmanship and implementing strict quality inspection. We have a very meticulous production process, with each step interlocking with each other. We pay much attention to details, and never be sloppy.

wood bookcase steel bookcase Yandan Steel Furniture

We also attach great importance to quality control. We do not only check the quality after the product is completed, but make it run through every step of the production line.

wood bookcase steel bookcase Yandan Steel Furniture

4. Fire-resisting

This one goes without saying. For anyone with basic common sense, they will know that steel is incombustible. Fire is also a common risk in daily life. If your furniture could save your properties or even life in the nick of time, how grateful would you be for it?

5. Bearing capacity

Here too, steel has a clear advantage. Steel furniture is generally known for its strength and durability, and can typically bear much more weight than wood furniture. According to relevant information, wooden furniture can bear a weight of 1.2-1.5 tons per square meter on average, while steel furniture can bear a weight of 2-5 tons on the same scale.

Bookcases produced at Yadan Steel Furniture use high-quality cold rolled steel, with very good ductility and strength. They can hold things weighing up to 30 kilograms.

wood bookcase steel bookcase Yandan Steel Furniture

But surely, in the end this is your own choice. We at Yadan Steel Furniture sincerely hope that no matter what material you choose for your furniture, it can bring happiness and wellbeing to your life.

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