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Sustainability: the Latest Trend in Furniture

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-09      Origin: Site


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Highly related with art and fashion, the furniture industry inherently has its trends. So, what are the latest trends in the industry? As a company that has been in this industry for 20 years and has always kept a close eye on what’s going on in it, we at Shanghai Yadan Office Furniture can give you a definite answer, that is sustainability.

steel furniture China sustainability environment

Why is sustainability such an important trend in the furniture industry today?

In this day and age, everyone has a strong awareness of environmental protection. In every industry we consume, including cuisine, fashion, travel, we want to do things as sustainably as possible. Therefore, it is even more crucial for furniture, an object that everyone places around themselves and needs to touch every day, to incorporate this concept.

What is sustainability and what does it include?

In general, sustainability is about us human-beings co-existing and living in a good way on this planet. In our everyday life, it is typically associated with countering major environmental problems. These include climate change and loss of biodiversity. They also include loss of ecosystem services, land degradation, and air and water pollution.

steel cabinet furniture China sustainability environment

Sustainability is also the core value for us at Shanghai Yadan Office Furniture, a company that produces high-quality steel furniture that has a positive impact on the environment. We pay great attention to sustainability and environment, and run the concepts through our production process and product designs.

How is sustainability reflected in furniture?

Sustainability in the furniture industry is reflected in the choice of materials and the measures taken in the production process, such as using materials that are less harmful to nature and making furniture recyclable at the end of its life cycle. In terms of production process, carbon emissions and sewage discharge are now receiving great attention by many manufacturers who focus on sustainability. There are related laws and policies regarding these issues in the industry as well.

And this is the area where we at Shanghai Yadan, as a steel furniture manufacturer that places sustainability as core value, excel at, as furniture made of steel is recyclable, does no more harm to the dwindling vegetation cover, and contains no harmful compositions. On the production front, although we do not directly produce steel, we will check whether the environmental indicators of our suppliers meet the standards. On the finished end, we have strict quality control on the powder coating tech, which checks carefully whether the coating has no harmful chemical components and other polluting substances to the environment.

quality control inspection steel furniture China sustainability environment

Steel is such a wonderful material for making furniture, both outwardly and interiorly. In fact, steel and metal materials are themselves a fashionable trend in the furniture industry at a time when people have been living with wooden and synthetic materials for years and years.

The bigger picture

Sustainable development is not only the trend of furniture, but also the trend of nature, human beings, the great home we live at and so on. As we become more aware of the impact that our actions have on the environment and on each other, sustainability is becoming a guiding principle for all aspects of our lives. Shanghai Yadan firmly stands behind this idea and is dedicated to the fight for a more sustainable future, working alongside environmentalists and other advocates to create furniture that is beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible.

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